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Carol Perrenoud

Carol Perrenoud Carol Perrenoud is a bead artist, teacher, and entrepreneur. Her work has been exhibited nationally and has been featured in many beadwork books over the years. She has penned articles for several magazines and has authored four instructional beadwork videos: “Beadweaving Peyote Stitch,” “ Bead Crochet,” “ Bead Embroidery,” and “Beadweaving Herringbone Stitch” with Victorian Video Productions.Her work is also featured in “Beading Across America”, available from Kalmbach Books. Carol received the Excellence in Bead Artisty Award, along with Virginia Blakelock, from Bead&Button in 2002.

Carol has had a lifelong interest in beads and fibers. In describing her home life at age five, she remembers that her grandma, who lived downstairs, had a towering column of See's candy boxes filled with beads sorted by color.

Carol spends her days working in her mail-order bead business, Beadcats, Inc., and spends her evening recovering from the day job. She enjoys gardening –– sometimes by headlamp –– in her free time. Carol is active in the Portland Bead Society and lives and works in Wilsonville, Oregon.

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