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Monica Vinci

Monica Vinci The beads artist was born in 1967 in San Nicolo 'D'Arcidano, a small town on the island of Sardinia/Italy being the third of five children. Bilingual - Italian and Sardinian - she grew up in a rural location. Sardinia is considered as a nature reserve, where thousands of animals and rare plants are under protection. Monica admired as a young child all handicraft: knitting, crocheting, the Sardinian art of weaving baskets. Handicrafts are also subject taught in school. Gardening, and crafts are part of everyday life. The grandmother and the mother teach her Peyote. In the age of 6 years she makes her first piece of art: a little Peyote tissue. Today, the lessons outside the school by the local administration is offered. Monica's sister is teaching there painting and applying gold leaf. After graduating from high school Monica first studied veterinary medicine at the University of Pisa. However the career leads her to the car companies BMW and Porsche, where she is working in sales. She liked both of them – helping animals medically as well as selling "smart" cars. As a drastic change in her life situation proved her pregnancy in 2005, during which she had to lie for 4 months in the hospital. Looking for occupation she got to know pieces of art made of Swarovski accessories - it was love at first sight. Already there she begins to make small pieces of jewelry. Because she somehow feels imprisoned during her maternity leave in the house and a return to her profession is no longer possible, she continues this. Without personal instruction she learned the techniques Peyote, embroidery, crochet, soutache and macramé - and begin to design her own works of art. Although she has always been creative act, she feels it is important for her in difficult times, to always getting back into balance. To produce something of the own originality gives her pleasure and satisfaction. Always looking for unusual ideas and ingredients she thinks the seemingly impossible, in which her "stubborn Sardinian mind, which never gives up," she says smilingly – and tells of the formation of her embroidery jewelry set (necklace, bracelet, earrings) "Peacock". Monica lives with her family in a house in Pisa and has converted a room into a workshop area. She teaches at fairs in Italy,Germany, Romania, Japan, U.S.A

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