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Tatiana Popova

Tatiana Popova Tatiana Popova started embroidery at her early childhood due to her Mom`s and Granny`s assistance. She also mastered different embroidery techniques with her craft teacher, then studied some by books and magazines. When at school she found an amazing studio for pupils studing floristic design. Due to that she was dreaming of becoming a florist. But it turned out differently. Having graduated from the university, she was presented a book on silk ribbon embroidery. Since then she had totally "fall in love" with that wonderful stitching technique. Creating flower bouquets that would never fade captured her and became the main aria of her design work. She has been practicing ribbon embroidery for about twelve years already, developing ribbon designs for her own company, Little Owl SmartCrafts TM. Her ribbonwork kit collection includes more than sixty items. She is an author of books on silk ribbon embroidery, and an experienced teacher teaching classes on SRE for more than five years already. Her web site is an educational project offering lessons for beginners and ideas for experienced crafters. Tatiana`s book, The Seasons in Ribbon Embroidery, will be published in 2018.

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