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Hiroe Takagi

Hiroe Takagi After working as a fashion designer, Hiroe Takagi took up a new career as a freelance nail artist and, at the same time, taught herself beadwork. In 2003, she became a certified instructor for Japanese-style beadwork completing the curriculum designed by the Gakusyu Forum run by the Japan Association of Leisure and Cultural Development, a foundation authorized by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology in Japan. Following this, she acquired certification as a senior instructor in the field of Bead Color Coordination in 2004 and Bead Art Stitches in 2005. In 2007, she studied awl knot techniques under Yoshie Marubashi and received a diploma to be a professional jewelry stringer.

Although busy with her work, in 2006, Hiroe invented and formulated a processing method for dried flowers using crystal gel, and in 2008, she was granted a utility model patent for her new technique using lace in collaboration with beadwork. Currently she works as not only a member, but also as a jewelry designer, for the curriculum design committee for the beadwork course run by the Gakusyu Forum, while teaching several classes in Yokohama, Osaka, and Tokyo.

Hiroe has a unique beading style, excelling at beadwork in combination with ribbons, lace, and buttons and provides her work to several Japanese beadwork books and magazines as well as to the curriculum for Gakusyu Forum. She is a regular high-ranking winner at major Japanese beadwork competitions such as the Bead Art Japan and the Arts J Crafts. Most recently, she won the Gold Creator Award at the Arts J Crafts Exhibition in 2008, and the winning piece, “Bloom”, was displayed at the Bead&Button Show 2008.

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