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Jody Johnson

Jody Johnson Jody Johnson retired after thirty-eight years teaching math and science in grades 5 through 12 in public schools. She retired again after five years teaching at the college level in the Secondary Education Department at Eastern Illinois University working with pre-teacher candidates. She has also taught a noncredit course in stained glass for LakeLand College, a local community college. Jody started taking chain maille classes at the lapidary club in Sun City Center, FL in 2012 after becoming a snow bird. She fell in love with making the bracelets and earrings in the classes. Jody wanted to take chain maille to the next level, and under the guidance of Dorothy Paulhus learned to make the jump rings for the classes taught at the lapidary club as well as putting together the kits used in the classes. Upon returning to Illinois that spring, she purchased the equipment needed to continue making jump rings during her summers "up north" and to make projects on her own. The last few years Jody has taught the intermediate and advanced classes at the lapidary club in Sun City Center. She is continually looking to find new projects during the summer to take back for the classes in Sun City Center to keep the interest of her students and to interest new people in joining the chain maille classes. Jody knows the importance of explaining clearly to her students how to learn learn something new and takes great care in making directions that include pictures for the process of making each project. Being visual learner herself, Jody understands that just a set of word directions is not enough for many of her students. Also she will make a sample for students to actually see what the next project(s) will look like. She welcomes ideas from her students on what they would like to make.

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