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Michelle Smith

Michelle Smith History: Creating art has always come easy for Michelle Smith. She was in first grade when her art teacher submitted her sculpture to the local art museum for display, and THAT is how it all got started! Since then she knew that art could be more than just coloring in cartoon books. Michelle later graduated from UW Oshkosh with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree. Creating jewelry fills her with a sense of accomplishment and integrity with almost instant gratification when she can see her inspirations become realities. Ideas: Michelle's art and inspiration come from everything she see, everyday items that most people never look at twice. She has always noticed those minute details that can turn simple things into artistic wearable art. Current Work: From Michelle's first projects of stringing colorful beads, she soon realized that jewelry design is nothing short of magical; and over the years, that magical process has transformed her, leading her from a hobbyist to an artist and pattern designer. Most of her work uses found objects and is an excellent vehicle for combining designs of the past into modern, beautiful, art jewelry of today. By thinking outside the box, Michelle's work uses both traditional and innovative techniques. She typically combines a host of various patterns, textures and colors which often result in spectacular creations. Because of this work utilizing a range of different media, unexpected and perfect accidents also play a part in her jewelry designs which allows her imagination to flow into new ideas for inspiration and creation. Michelle is currently a store manager for JSM Bead Coop, a Wisconsin bead store located just one hour north of Milwaukee. She has been featured in a local magazine and won several awards for her artistically designed, professionally made jewelry.

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