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Daria Tittenberger

Daria Tittenberger Daria Tittenberger is a jewellery artist living and working in Manitoba, Canada. Working predominately with off-loom bead weaving techniques, she uses a single needle and thread to sew glass beads together into three-dimensional wearable art. Her early skills with needle and thread were nurtured in childhood at the foot of her mother’s treadle sewing machine. After many years of trying her hand at almost every fibre art, Daria found bead weaving to be the perfect outlet for her creative energies. Informed by traditional fabric arts and inspired by contemporary forms of expression, she currently uses the repetition and layering of simple geometric shapes to create bead woven jewellery with complex textures, patterns and shapes. Daria has been published in Beadwork magazine and has contributed work for publication in the upcoming Contemporary Geometric Beadwork Pattern Book. She exhibits and sells her jewellery at juried art shows and in select art gallery gift shops in Manitoba. She has extensive teaching experience having worked as an adult educator for more than 30 years. Most recently, she has facilitated bead weaving workshops at the Winnipeg Art Gallery and the Manitoba Crafts Council.

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