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River Rose

River Rose River Rose began beading 26 years ago, while she was still known as Susan Hillyer. She wa teaching Montessori Preschool when she began to feel her own inner need to create art. When she found beads, it was a match! Beading quickly became a passion for her and within 3 years she was teaching her own designs. Teaching her beading designs was the perfect combo of passions... beading and teaching. A modest list of early publications include “Two Faces of Peyote” in 1997 in Bead and Button Magazine; “My Little Coin Purse” 1999 in Beadwork Magazine; “Memories of My Mother’s Sachet” in B & B Mag in 2000 issue #36; Wildflower Purse in B & B Mag issue #45. River’s beaded headdress made it in Bead International 2000; and one of her herringbone stitch drawstring purses is in 500 Beaded Objects. River also wrote and published her own newsletter from Jan 1998 to Dec 1999 called “The River Flows”. After a divorce in 2002, Susan Hillyer changed her name to River Rose. It had been a difficult decision as all her early publications are in the birth/married name, but she taught at the Bead and Button Show in 2004 and 2005 and was able to share about the name change in her bio at that time. Being on her own after the divorce was more difficult than she could have ever imagined, and so after 2005, she let go of pursuing the competitive world of teaching beading. Never gave up beading, though, just lived more quietly combining beading and meditating with gardening and hiking in the woods. In 2012 River returned to California and began to reconnect with old friends and students. She taught at the Bay Area Bead Extravaganza in 2016 and 2017. Although fluent in peyote stitch, brick stitch and many other beading techniques, her current and deepest passion is herringbone stitch. With this fabulous and versatile stitch, River brings to students beaded vessels. In her unique style, River combines beading with sculpting to create a vessel for any occasion. A year and a half ago, River connected with a small group of students at the No.Calif. Bead Society bead along and they have been working together ever since. These students have been a great help to River to be able to see teaching vessel making to all levels of skill. She states that this ongoing student / teacher connection has been the most gratifying teaching experience of her career. River says that connecting with old students and meeting new ones brings more meaning and joy to the passion of beading.

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