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Kristin Kearns

Kristin Kearns Kristin Kearns is the owner and lead jewelry designer at AnglerFish, a Massachusetts-based company making DIY illumination solutions that enable designers and other makers to easily incorporate LED lights into their own jewelry. AnglerFish’s integration of electronics with jewelry is a natural step along Kristin’s path through life, which has always had one foot in the world of art and the other in the world of technology. After considering technical theater and linguistics in college, she chose to study astronomy and spent two decades working and teaching in that field. To stay balanced while doing all that math, she explored color, texture and function in ceramics and fiber arts before discovering the fun of jewelry design. In 2012, she stumbled on lampwork beadmaking and was quickly hooked when she realized she could design glass beads to be illuminated. She is drawn to any media that combine functionality or wearability with aesthetic appeal. She currently spends most of her time wearing the many hats associated with developing AnglerFish’s illuminated jewelry and components business, while staying in touch with her scientific roots through occasional grant-writing consulting. Kristin currently lives in central Massachusetts with two opinionated cats, in a ‘quirky’ house from the 1840s, in a town with more apple trees than people. You can reach her at

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