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Cindy Grayson

Cindy Grayson Cindy Grayson is a graphic designer by trade, but ultimately an artist of all media. Her journey began with a question. How many times and ways can a bead be strung on a wire? How can all of these stockpiled beads be used effectively? In search of a new challenge in jewelry making, she turned to a deep dive study in Kumihimo. While working part time at Michael’s Arts and Crafts, she stumbled upon a Kumihimo Book with a picture of a stunningly different piece of jewelry on the cover. The more she studied the more she realized there was an elevated level of sophistication to the Kumihimo pattern process that involved detailed planning and mathematics. As an artist that naturally uses both sides of her brain, she was hooked. Grayson read as many patterns and made as many test projects as possible. She kept a Kumihimo beading journal and recorded exact specifications of each project, the bead sizes, how the different bead sizes fit together, the different cord and bead placements to get desired results, successes, failures and refinements. Out of necessity, she invented The Bead Runway™, a bead layout board with eight runways to assist in visually planning and designing bead layouts. It also helps to perfectly count out the various different bead types, which is paramount in obtaining a successful design. She created to spread the word of what is now known as "A Revolution in Kumihimo Pattern Layout and Design. Grayson has been making jewelry, teaching and speaking publicly since 2004. It was only natural for her to share her new found knowledge by teaching. She developed an eight class series that covers all the basic skills and Kumihimo braiding techniques that are necessary for students to learn, with the hope that their abilities are elevated in a way that they would no longer be a slave to the limited patterns currently available. Grayson wants her students to know that so much more was possible. She wants her students to be able to look at a piece of Kumihimo jewelry and be able to decode and re-create it just by looking at it. As a result, The Bead Runway™ (Patent Pending) is now an official star and basis of her Students’ studies in the Bead Runway Kumihimo Technique Pattern Series©, an eight class series, that focuses on techniques, and now published in a book! By the end of the series, empowered students use their new knowledge to make a Kumihimo pattern of their own, using their beads of choice.

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