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Heidi Mandich

Heidi Mandich Heidi Mandich first discovered her passion for metalsmithing while taking a class at the Indianapolis Art Center in 2006. Using hammers, saws, fire and creativity, Heidi enjoys taking simple sterling silver sheet and wire and turning it into unique jewelry for people to enjoy and treasure. She still continues to learn from experts in the field every year. “Metalwork…reshaping and reforming metal to become something envisioned is exciting … especially when it becomes what was in your head.” In 2010 Heidi was asked to teach at the Indianapolis Art Center in the same studio where she first learned. Her greatest joy is helping adult students discover the same joy of using fire and tools to create jewelry from simple pieces of metal. In 2011, Heidi took early retirement from her “day job” to follow her passion full time. She does art fairs throughout the Midwest, some in Florida and Pennsylvania as well, and continues to teach at the Indianapolis Art Center. In and around these, she pursues learning opportunities to continue to grow creatively. In 2014 Heidi was selected to join Indiana Artisans, an organization representing the best of art in Indiana as well as CCA Gallery, the oldest member owned gallery in Indiana.

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