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Helena Tang-Lim

Helena Tang-Lim Helena Tang-Lim started beaded in the mid-1990s so that she could make a pair of beaded shoes for herself. And from there, a passion for the colourful, glittering little balls of glass and crystal was born. A predominantly self-taught artist, Helena specializes in tiny seed beads using many off-loom techniques to create colourful, exquisite beaded creations.

After leaving a fulfilling and rewarding career managing an eyewear distribution company, Helena decided to fulfill her dreams to have a career in beading. She now spends her time “painting” with her beads to create beaded jewellery and objects. Her work in beaded wearables often resemble fine haute joaillerie which she loves. Inspired by the colors and cultures of her adopted country of Singapore, many of her works incorporate accents and nuances of her people and races.

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