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Alexandra Sydorenko

Alexandra Sydorenko Alexandra was born and raised in Ukraine. For thirty years she lived in the glorious city of Lviv. When Alexandra was about six years old she saw a magnificent beaded herdan, created by her great-grandmother, Anastasia. Instantly falling in love with this beaded treasure, she decided to learn how to make this kind of jewelry herself. Later she got involved with other handcrafts (different kinds of embroidery, quilting, patchworking, wood carving and burning, and leather work) and learned different techniques and styles, but beads were present, in one shape or another, in almost all of her projects. A little over ten years ago Alexandra went through a series of unexpected events that led her to start combining beads, leather, and semi-precious stones. This revelation was nothing short of a miracle for her. A year later she decided to enter a beading contest and, to her utmost surprise, the first piece she ever submitted won! She has since accumulated over the years both national and international victories and publications in the US, Ukrainian, and German magazines. She had her pieces modeled on a runway. Two of her necklaces spent a year on exhibit at the TOHO Museum in Japan, and two another is featured in Creative Beading, Volume 9 and Creative Beading, Volume 10. Alexandra currently lives in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. She teaches beading classes at US bead shops, and occasionally in Ukraine.

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