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David Huang

David Huang David Huang is an internationally recognized, award-winning metalsmith best known for his luminous metal vessels and his masterful approach to surface and form. Born, raised, trained, and currently living in the Western Michigan region, he is frequently invited to conduct workshops across the country. When Huang first encountered metalsmithing as a teen-ager, he “had this sense in my head that it took big, powerful industrial tools to shape metal. When I discovered that with just the power of my arm and a hair-thin saw blade I could cut shapes with great precision, I was hooked.” He went on to earn his BFA with an emphasis in metalsmithing from Grand Valley (Mich.) State University and has worked full-time as a self-employed artist since 2003. “I now spend my days at my Michigan home/studio working to bring objects of beauty, light, and inspiration into the world.” Huang is represented by galleries around the U.S. His work is part of many art collections, including the Muskegon Museum of Art, GVSU Art Gallery, and Hermann Miller, and has been featured in Metalsmith Magazine, American Craft, and numerous other books and publications.

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