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Susan Wojciechowski

Susan Wojciechowski At the age of nine, Susan Wojciechowski began sewing in her mother’s kitchen, where the sewing machine was just as important and useful as the stove or refrigerator. She made her first quilt in 1999 and was instantly seduced by the quilting world. The next year she received her first blue ribbon for quilting at the Wisconsin State Fair. Her first wool quilt “Winter Garden” won a ribbon for appliqué in Houston at the IQA show in 2004. The years that followed have been filled with local, state and national recognition for quilting and a growing appreciation for working with wool. Inspiration led to innovative fusion and her first pattern, Appliquéd and Embroidered Wool Eggs, was hatched. Sue’s interest spans the spectrum of fine fiber arts. From quilting and applique to beading and embroidery, she is drawn to colorful textiles and carefully curated embellishments. In 2012, Sue founded Ewe-niversity, Inc. – where her passion for teaching and design intersect with her endless pursuit of exquisite textiles, beads and other embellishments. She is passionate about her craft, patient with her students and always excited to share what she learns.

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