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Bob Galivan

Bob Galivan Bob Galivan discovered Kumihimo by accident after taking a class with Adrienne Gaskell almost eight years ago. From that initial class, he became fascinated with the beauty of the structures that could be created using a few lengths of fiber. Bob's primary teacher has been Sensei Makiko Tada, one of the top Kumihimo experts in the world, and the person most responsible for the increasing popularity of Kumihimo. He has close to 200 hours of class time with Sensei Tada. He has also studied with Rodrick Owen, one of the main proponents of Andean braiding, and other braiding experts, including Jacqui Carey, Michael Hattori, and others. In addition to this being Bob's second year at Bead and Button, he has also taught braiding in Miami, Florida and Cleveland, Ohio, and most recently that the inaugural Gathering for the American Kumihimo Society.  The subtle, supple texture of silk and the fascinating permutations afforded by the almost infinite variety of fiber that can be braided are the canvas on which Bob works. Braiding has existed in most human cultures, dating back tens of thousands of years. There are tens of thousands of braiding patterns extant, which offer a rich opportunity for exploration and research. While Bob's primary medium is fiber, he has developed several unique beaded braid structures on the square plate (invented by Makiko Tada), and a number of structures using unique fibers gathered from around the world. He works on the Marudai (a traditional Japanese braiding stand), the Karakumi-dai (another traditional Japanese equipment) and the foam disk and plate. Bob has also developed expertise in loop-and-loop chain making, Viking knit, and several stypes of metalwork, all to enhance the braids he creates.

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