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Svetlana Sapegina

Svetlana Sapegina Svetlana S. Sapegina is a famous Russian bead artist, teacher and exhibitor with more than 10 years of experience, deep knowledge and artistic skills, who creates exceptional 3D models of beaded flowers and trees, a 2017 nominee of Sverdlovsk region Governor Award for outstanding achievements in art. Svetlana Sapegina is a certified author of a brand-new “Russian Bead Weaving Technique”, which was developed by her and registered in January, 2019. Svetlana is a participant of more than 60 national and international art events, including 14 solo exhibitions. She is a writer with 2 published books from "Beaded Floristics" series, "The basics of French beading", and "Beaded Trees and Flowers", and a dozen of magazine articles. She is also the author of popular video tutorials on her "SuperBeads" YouTube channel. Svetlana Sapegina is the author of the unique artistic projects, dedicated to women of Russia and the world. Her most extraordinary pieces can be found in art collections belonging to the British Royal Family, First Lady of the USA, Governors of Russian regions and Russian art museums. Several art pieces are held in private collections of the USA, Russia, the United Kingdom, Sweden, Israel and Turkey. Svetlana says she is completely fascinated with glass beads, copper wire and beaded flowers. French beading has been her passion and "lifework" since 2007. She feels absolutely happy and devoted to this occupation. Teaching is her second vocation. She loves to open such a wonderful art to people and involve them in it on her master-classes. Since 2010, Svetlana has been teaching basics and advanced level of the French beading to children and adults, ranging from age 6 to 73, and has had more than 100 students. She enjoys sharing her skills and experiences with new beaders and likes to help people investigate new hobbies and develop new skills. Sapegina believes that besides pleasure, creative process also brings relaxation and harmony to a soul, brightens up life!

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