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Liz Thompson

Liz Thompson It was during an innocent lesson of earrings made from plastic beads and a headpin that the creative light bulb went on and turned into an unexplained love affair with beading for Liz Thompson. Since that early lesson, Liz has gone on to create pieces using many advanced techniques but favors bead embroidery and many off loom stitches.

She has had her work published many times, including in “Beading Across America”. That wasn’t enough though, Liz wanted to share her love of beads and beading. So with the encouragement and support of her friend and mentor, Marcia DeCoster, Liz honed her teaching skills and continues to teach at local, regional and national levels.

Always on the lookout for ideas, Liz finds inspiration from many sources including classic Hollywood movies and royal jewelry collections from around the world. When Liz isn’t beading, she works a full-time job at a busy urban hospital and enjoys camping, reading, and other things that end in “ing.”

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