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Kinga Nichols

Kinga Nichols Kinga Nichols was born and raised in Hungary and moved to the U.S. at 19. She was an avid art student at the time, who never finished her formal training, but used what she has learned wherever she could: painting residential and commercial murals in her then home town, New York, creating art for sale and for fun.

In 2007, she picked up a Bead&Button magazine, and the magical world of beads, much like Dorothy's tornado, picked her up and dropped her off, well, not in the land of Oz, but in the land of beads. The humble hobby eventually grew into a wonderful new way of self expression.

Kinga lives in her imagination and her beadwork which, much like her painting, reflects the same imaginative, dreamy qualities. She has created many large scale art necklaces that did well in competitions such as the Battle of the Beadsmith (3 years in a row), and BeadDreams (Finalist for two years, and Third Place in the Crystal Jewelry category 2014 and First in 2015). Her work has appeared in international bead magazines and recently in Marcia Decoster's book, "Marcia Decoster Presents". More than teaching patterns and techniques, Kinga wants to inspire students to look at the world through some funny, colorful lenses, to be swept up by possibilities and imaginings.

Kinga currently resides in Boulder, Colorado, with her husband Paul and fur child, Samantha Regina, the boxer with the under bite who has inspired all the funny teeth portrayed by Kinga's fishie pieces.

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