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Linda Landy

Linda Landy Linda Landy is known for her unique approach to bead embroidery - sculptural, three dimensional and textured - as highlighted in her book Textured Bead Embroidery. According to bead embroidery guru Sherry Serafini, “Linda marches to her own beat which is nothing short of fabulous. Her designs are all her own. In my observation classy with a touch of ‘off the wall’ craziness allowing her uniqueness to shine thru making her stand apart from the crowd!” Linda has been teaching bead weaving since 2001 and has earned a reputation for clear, concise instructions; tremendous patience and a superb sense of color. She offers classes in South Florida both privately and under the auspices of the South Florida Jewelry Arts Guild. She also teaches at the Bead&Button Show, Bead Fest, Best Bead Show and in bead stores. Linda won first prize in the finished jewelry division of Bead Dreams 2012 with a bead embroidered collar entitled Tilt!. She was also a 2010 Bead Dreams Finalist. Her beaded box, “Under the Really Big Top” is showcased in the Miyuki Gallery in Hiroshima, Japan. Linda’s necklace “Flirt” was on display in the TOHO BEADS STYLE museum collection in Hiroshima. Linda is a contributor to Bead&Button Magazine, Beadwork and Perlen Poesie Magazine and has projects in The Big Book of Patterns and Creative Beading, Volume 7. She has also served as a Starman Trendsetter and was a member of the Beadsmith Inspiration Squad.

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