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Kaska Firor

Kaska Firor Kaska Firor is an award winning jewelry artist, author and educator. Originally a traditional wire-wrapping artist, in recent years she has shifted her focus to more innovating wire techniques including those borrowed from basket weaving and textile arts. The intricate and visually complex patterns of the weaves were what originally attracted Kaska to wire weaving and her fascination with the art continues as she discovers more complex and inventive ways of combining and modifying different techniques. Kaska is a recipient of numerous awards for her one-of-a-kind designs. She is the author of Weaving Freeform Wire Jewelry, and is currently working on her second book that will be coauthored by her silversmith daughter, Kat Colque. Kaska's work has been been published in several trade magazines such as Art Jewelry Magazine, Step by Step Wire, and Bead Style. Kaska enjoys sharing her knowledge and experience with others. She travels throughout the US and internationally, instructing workshops at jewelry studios, bead societies and national shows. Kaska believes that strong foundations are the key to successful design. In her classes she emphasizes proper technique and attention to detail and challenges her students with projects designed to increase their skill level. For additional information please visit: or

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