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Carolyn Cave

Carolyn Cave A self-taught bead artist living in Alberta, Canada, Carolyn enjoys the endless creativity derived from stringing and stitching “little, round, shiny things with holes in them”. This is both a frustrating and exhilarating way to fill in the spare moments of her very full days as a wife, mother of three young ladies, and musician. Creativity has always played a large role in her life, from sewing clothes for Barbie at a young age, to experimenting with a wide variety of arts and crafts; from earning a Degree in Music and playing several instruments, to making jewelry. Her creations are inspired by a wide variety of things – the colors and shapes of the natural world, works of vintage and antique beaded art, the encouraging comments of her family, and the many hours spent “composing” with needle, beads and thread.

Her work has been published in BeadandButton and Beadwork magazines, and she has been a winner in multiple categories of BeadStar every year since 2011. Carolyn is also the author of the recently released book "Beautiful Designs with SuperDuos and Twin Beads", published by Kalmbach. You can see some of Carolyn’s work on her Facebook page, Lady Beadle Designs.

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