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James Carter

James Carter James Carter is a metalsmith artist and teacher whose work has been described as “an exquisite dream, captured in glass and gold, equally beautiful as functional jewelry or as a piece of art separate from the body.” A master goldsmith and skilled designer, his explorations into cloisonné enameling have been featured in several industry publications and exhibitions across the globe. Carter’s work draws on a lifetime of adventure. He became a globe-trekker in the 70’s, hitchhiking through Europe then joining the Merchant Marines. His world travels exposed him to the body adornment of tribal Africa, the gold antiquities of Egypt, and the splendor of Russian gold work and enamels, all of which influence his work. Carter earned his MFA in metalsmithing at South Illinois University, where he specialized in metals and enamels. He studied under renowned goldsmith William Harper, who taught him to create art from the soul rather than from expectations other might impose. He was awarded 1st place in enameling in the prestigious 2011 Saul Bell Design Award Competition, an international jewelry competition sponsored by Rio Grande jewelry supply. Other honors include an Individual Artist Fellowship from the Florida State Council of the Arts and several Awards of Excellence from the Trustees of the American Craft Council. His work has been shown at many galleries across North America and abroad. Currently living in Chapel Hill, N.C., with his family, Carter operates his own school, James Carter Studio, in the nearby town of Carrboro where he teaches hands-on workshops in jewelry making and enameling.

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