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Theresa D. Abelew

Theresa D. Abelew Theresa was raised in a small Wisconsin town. Influenced by her mother’s freeform approach to exploring new hobbies and her father’s logical “measure-twice-cut-once” mechanical inclinations its no wonder Theresa has followed her creative endeavors — no matter where they might lead her. She has an eclectic combination of backgrounds ranging from Apiarist Assistant, to Graphic Designer, to Animal Control Officer, to Firefighter/EMT, to a Martial Arts Instructor. Theresa was the Assistant Editor for Art Jewelry magazine.

With an audio book blasting away, she can be found working on various jewelry, chain mail, photography, or stained glass projects. When she does get out of the studio, she is either playing with her children, working on yet another home remodeling project, or performing with her fire troupe the Brewcity Fire Brigade. She lives in Milwaukee with her husband, their two children, a small menagerie of rescued animals.

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