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Shipping and Business Operation

Business Centers

There are business centers at both the Hyatt and Hilton hotels and in the Wisconsin Center.

Conveniently located on the first floor of the Hyatt, their business center is available for all of your office needs. Services provided include copying, faxing, office-meeting supplies, and a computer workstation.

The Hilton Hotel's business center is located on the 4th floor of the hotel.

At the Wisconsin Center, the business center is located on the mezzanine level of the convention center and offers a full range of office and related services.

FREE WIFI - Complimentary WIFI is available in the lobby of the Hyatt and available at the Starbucks in the Hilton Hotel with a purchase.

If you want WIFI in your hotel room, there may be a daily charge which varies at each hotel property.


Both the Hyatt Hotel and Hilton Hotel will ship your Show packages by various carriers. At the Hyatt Hotel, go to the Business Center located in the first floor lobby area. At the Hilton Hotel, go to their lobby on the second floor and ask for Guest Services. If you are not a guest at the hotels, they will require a credit card to process your shipment. In addition, there is a US Post Office located close to both hotels. Please check with the concierge desk for specific directions.

Hyatt Hotel Shipping Fees

The following fees apply to all packages shipped from the hotel; please note rates are subject to change.
Guests using their own account number with the shipment company - $5.00 per box.

No charge for letters or FedEx packs.
Items packaged and processed by the Business Center are charged a handling fee based on size, in addition to the shipping company charges.
  • $5.00 each for small boxes.
  • $7.00 each for medium boxes.
  • $10.00 each for large boxes or exhibit cases under 75 pounds
  • $15.00 each for boxes or exhibit cases over 75 pounds

Shipping Packages to Your Hotel

If you are shipping smaller boxes to the Show, please arrange to ship them to the Hyatt Regency Hotel or the Hilton Hotel if you are a guest. The hotels will charge a handling fee for freight for their hotel guests. You can also arrange for the bellmen at either hotel to bring your boxes over to the convention center through the connecting skywalk.

Packages for events should be delivered to the Hyatt Regency Hotel or Hilton Hotel not more than three working days prior to the event date. The following information should be included on all packages: Hotel Guest Name, Show Name, and the Hold for Arrival Date.

It's a good idea to color code your boxes in some way by a colored label, colored tape, or some other easy identifier as the hotels receive many corrugated (brown) cartons. This will facilitate their retrieval and your identification of your boxes from the storage area. We want to stress that a large or colored identifier of some sort on your boxes is highly recommended!

The following fees apply to all packages received by the Hyatt Hotel. No charge for overnight letters or soft packs. These charges are subject to change by the hotel.

  • $7.00 each for packages 20 pounds or under
  • $15.00 each for packages over 20 pounds

We suggest that larger shipments (crated or skidded) be shipped to the advance warehouse through Valley Expo, the Show's decorator. Please refer to the Decorator Manual which is being e-mailed under separate cover or contact Tina Walter at Valley Expo: 815-873-1500 ext 118.

Where do I unload freight?
For unloading of freight, please go to the loading dock area of the Wisconsin Center. Access to the loading dock on 6th Street. Then proceed to the third level of the convention center to unload your freight. Valley Expo, our decorator, as well as the convention center staff, will monitor the unloading of freight at the rear of the hall. Be prepared to quickly unload and move your freight to your booth area. Flat carts with wheels will be available for temporary use by Exhibitors during Show setup hours. You will be asked to move your vehicle out of the loading dock area as soon as possible.

If you are arranging for freight to be delivered to the convention center on Wednesday or Thursday, you must be there at the dock to receive it. Otherwise, the Decorator will charge a handling fee to move it to your booth. This is standard policy.

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