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Glass & Lampworking

Join Dolly Palmer's Lampworking class, B171027, Fabulous 3-D Floral Beads.

We have numerous glass and lampworking sessions to meet the needs of beginner to advanced students. These sessions range from fusing of glass, traditional lampworking, and various techniques for finishing beads - etching, copper electroforming on beads, drilling, etc.

View our show schedule for information on class hours and locations.

Lampworking Skill Levels and Requirements

Students must be 18 years of age for open torch (lampworking) sessions.

Pay close attention to the levels of lampworking classes and register for those matching your skill and experience level.

Student has no experience working hot glass.

Advanced Beginner 
Student has had an introductory class in hot-glass bead making on either a hot-head or dual-fuel torch and can make basic beads on their own.

Student has experience, in and outside of class, on a dual-fuel torch. Student can readily form beads, work with stringers, and other simple decorating techniques with confidence without an instructor.

Student has considerable experience on a dual-fuel torch and can comfortably form a variety of bead shapes. Student has an understanding of how to keep a form while decorating a bead and is able to make stringers and apply them in a consistent manner.


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