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Gwen Youngblood

Gwen Youngblood Gwen’s metalworking expertise is the result of a personal journey involving friends, study, sharing, and, of course, some trial and error. If you ask, Gwen will tell you that she has been incredibly lucky to study with many talented artists, both locally and nationally. It is this compilation of study, and many hours in her studio, that has led to her unique expression in metal work.

Gwen experimented with lampworking, glass fusing, and PMC before finding metal work – her true passion. And if fire is involved, she likes it even more! While she has enjoyed the success of designing and selling her work, Gwen found that teaching the metal work techniques she has learned and developed, makes her happiest. Many of Gwen’s classes stress the fundamentals of metal working. Her focus is to make techniques accessible to everyone, so that her students learn more than they expected, and have fun doing it. Students most often mention her knowledge, humor, creativity and caring patience as the reasons they enjoy her classes.

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