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Hana Kochi

Hana Kochi Hana Kochi lives in Hiroshima, Japan where TOHO BEADS is located. There are some famous sake factories around her place. She enjoys walking around the area. She used to be a computer programmer after she graduated from school. She currently works as a PC instructor, and she also has some bead workshops.She has workshops at TOHO BEADS STYLE Hiroshima and t in Hiroshima. Hana has been a fellow member of the Bead Society of Japan since 2003.She has been interested in a variety of beading techniques such as bead stitch, bead crochet, wire work, macramé and bead embroidery. She loves flowers and strawberries, so she often use them in her design. Her favorite bead is seed beads. She likes to make a bigger parts with tiny seed beads. Hana likes to go to museums to draw some inspirations from fine arts. She especially likes Seiji Fujishiro works. She also enjoys reading novels, leather craft and sewing bags on her free time.

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